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Microsoft Excel Training in Uganda, Africa – Create View & Edit Data Using Standard & Advanced Spreadsheets

Our Training in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets lets you create, view, edit, and share your files with others quickly and easily.

Learn how to effectively manage data analyses, charts, budgets, and more while you view and edit workbooks attached to email messages and save a lot of time.

Work will be accessible in any field, such as accounting, data analysis, auditing, finance, projects, HR, procurement, and M&E.

We facilitate Standard Microsoft Excel beginners and Advanced Microsoft Excel for those who want to implement complex formulas with unique features. Make charts for accounting and budget trackers, run data analysis & annotate your documents from your computer.

With this Microsoft Excel Course, you will learn how to create formulas and spreadsheets, review your charts, or start a budget on the go. Manage data files and spreadsheets customized with robust formatting tools with improved features. Microsoft Excel lets you build diagrams and spreadsheets to meet your needs.

Get data analysis, spreadsheets, and business features of Microsoft Office on your computer with Advanced Features of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel Features Covered Under the Standard and Advanced Excel Courses:
Spreadsheets & Calculations

  • Office features & formatting options make your workbook easier to read and use.
  • Learn how to use charts and spreadsheet features, formats, and formulas
  • Manage charts, budgets, task lists, accounting, or financial analysis with Excel’s modern templates
  • Use data analysis tools and familiar procedures to run calculations.

Data Analysis Features for Different data (Research, HR, Sales, M&E, Projects, Business, Payroll, Etc.)

  • Interpret, edit, and insert charts to bring your data to life
  • Data analysis features like adding and editing chart labels to highlight key insights.

Review and Edit your Work

  • Review your Excel files from any device
  • Edit documents, charts, and data, or update your task list from anywhere
  • Data analysis features like sort and filter columns to focus your review
  • Generate spreadsheets, duplicate, hide, and unhide easily
  • Interpret charts with notes, highlight portions of your worksheet, and create shapes. You can also write math equations.

Collaborate and Work Anywhere in the World

Learn how to share files and charts with a few taps to invite others to edit, view, or leave comments directly in your workbooks.

Edit and copy your worksheet in the body of an email message with its format intact, or attach or copy a link to your workbook for other sharing options.
Create formulas, edit documents, manage budgets, and design spreadsheets with all the functionality of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application. Excel makes monitoring your financial performance, such as business profit or loss, easy. You can also calculate payments on large purchases, plan a budget, or stay organized with checklists.

Today, most businesses use Excel, and learning how to use the application efficiently opens up more opportunities for employment and career advancement.

When your staff learns how to use Excel, it improves their efficiency in the workplace. Employees who create detailed worksheets, invoices, charts, and complex formulas achieve professional results and save time.

Our Excel training at Geotech ICT Consulting – Uganda includes essential to advanced courses. Whether you’re new to Microsoft Excel or seeking advanced Knowledge, we’ve covered you with expert instructors.