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Coding & Programming Course in Kampala, Uganda – Africa | Learn Computing

We designed this training program for people with digital skills who want to build confidence in using digital technology at the workplace and in other businesses.

Let’s help you to boost your digital skills.

We ensure that our participants get enough time to cover topics like developments in Computing, what code can do, how programming works, writing code, dealing with a more complex problem with code, and finding out what a development team does.

With coding, you’ll also Learn the basics of web development

In this course, you’ll also learn how to build a website using HTML, style it with CSS, and make it interactive using JavaScript.

You can learn about the box model, which describes how websites are laid out by browsers, and about the Document Object Model, which your JavaScript code will interact with to change your web pages dynamically.

Improve each day by designing and creating a quiz web page, and demonstrate your new skills by making your website.


  • Coding Language Basics
  • What Is the Web?
  • Understanding the Internet & How it works
  • What Happens When You Visit a Web Page?
  • What Happens When You Search for Content On the Web?
  • Basics Coding Language
  • Why is it essential to know coding?
  • Exploring HTML5
  • What does the source code of a web page mean? Exercise
  • Styling Web Pages
  • CSS of Actual Web Pages Using the Development Tools
  • What is CSS? 
  • Exploring CSS with developer tools
  • Learning how to Manipulate CSS with developer tools

Programming for the Web with JavaScript

Learn how to develop interactive, dynamic, data-driven web pages and apps using JavaScript.

With Javascript, you’ll learn how the World Wide Web allows browsers to send and retrieve web content. We also explored web browser internals, the document object model (DOM), and jQuery.

After this course, you can create dynamic, interactive web pages using JavaScript, data-driven websites using modern web technologies, and client and server-side JavaScript application architecture, middleware, HTTP & RESTful API designs.

JavaScript Syllabus

Module 1: Web Programming Basics

Module 2: Using JavaScript to Create Dynamic Web Pages

Module 3: Client-Side Frameworks for Developing Modular Web Page Components

Module 4: Building Scalable Web Apps with Server-Side JavaScript

Course Prerequisites

  • You need Basic Knowledge of computer programming (variables, functions, control flow)
  • You may also have Knowledge of core data structures (arrays, lists, sets, trees)

Learning Outcomes

This Training program will enable learners to explore the technology and design behind the beautiful websites and apps we see daily. By the end of the training program, participants will be able to;

  • Explore the basic principles of computers & coding for apps and the web
  • Identify and use simple coding languages for both apps and websites
  • Create at least a prototype for a mobile app with a great user experience
  • Produce an HTML web page using the correct tags and attributes
  • Apply classes & ids to style a website
  • Appreciate the advantages of CSS compared to inline styling
  • Explain how to use the Document Object Model (DOM) to access an element of a web page
  • Develop an interactive website using JavaScript

Who is the course designed for?

We designed This course for instructors delivering lessons at a GCSE level or equivalent and for beginner programmers looking to start using HTML and JavaScript.

To take this course, you might need to be familiar with basic programming structures such as loops & if statements, but you don’t need any experience with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

It would help if you were comfortable using functions with parameters & return values.