ICT Consultancy Company in Kampala, Uganda – IT Services

We Offer You the Best It Solution for All Your Computer & Laptop Problems in Kampala, Uganda

Our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Consultancy Services in Uganda Ensure That Technology Meets the Requirements of Its Users and Is Implemented and Managed to Realize the Promised Benefits.

We offer Efficient online services, Complex communications and IT networks in buildings and expert consultancy that covers the full lifecycle of the design and implementation of these systems for our clients.

Our company offers professional ICT professional consulting services in Key areas including:

  1. Validation
  2. Computer systems validation
  3. ICT Training programs
  4. Facilities support services
  5. Engineering support services
  6. Commissioning, qualification & validation
  7. Quality systems implementation and design
  8. Quality and document management system selection
  9. Design reviews
  10. Laboratory IT/IS systems
  11. Workflow automation assessments, tools, and implementation
  12. Compliance and technical management
  13. Quality systems
  14. Documentation protocol
  15. Regulatory Issues

Principles that guide our service include;

  • Our best people– known and trusted for their IT expertise, hand-picked for your needs
  • Independence– we keep these activities separate from the rest of our business; our advice will always be in your best interests only.
  • The certainty of results– outcomes explicitly agreed and delivered
  • Quality– other team members will independently QA the engagement approach and deliverables, as agreed with you
  • Being fully informed– from status reporting to early insights, you’ll have full insight into the work
  • Smooth sailing– while we’re straight shooters, we pride ourselves in being a good bunch of people who are honorable and easy to work with
  • Brain trust access– our consultants have direct access to the Geotech ICT Consulting Universal Mind of other Principal Consultants and Senior IT Practitioners
  • Client knowledge base– we retain knowledge and records of work performed so we hit the ground running on future engagements
  • Integrity– We stand behind our work and deliver on our commitments.

You will never have to look for IT Consultant in Uganda! we offer unrivalled ICT Consulting services in Uganda.

We have carefully compared ourselves with other IT Consulting Firms and ended up with a team of proficient IT experts who have worked with big IT Consulting Companies both in Uganda and abroad

Our customer service desk will carefully listen to your ICT requirements and come up with solutions to be executed by our swift team of ICT Specialist in Uganda

Other Services offered at Geotech ICT Consulting – Uganda Include;

  • Professional Website Designing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Computer Supplies
  • Computer Software Sales & Installations
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Corporate Event Photography And Drone Services
  • Data Recovery Services