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My Name Is Robert Mwesige, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant Working in Uganda.

Did you just find me online? That’s Right and It Means I Can Also Help You Get the Best Search Results for Your Company, Products, Or Services.

Over the years I have learnt exactly how SEO works and I regularly help business owners in Uganda rank higher in Google.  I want you to generate more revenue through good Content Designer, and Digital Marketing.

Unlike paid advertising, my efforts are mostly on SEO (search engine optimization), also called natural referencing. This is a set of techniques we use to increase the amount of traffic (number of visitors) to your website from free or organic search results in Google.

If your website appears higher in search results, it can attract more customers. That’s why you have to establish a long-term organic search strategy for your organization. Wait no more and start this conversation with me today I am here to help you boost your presence, ranking, and profits using the best of my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expertise. I can do this by performing the following SEO actions:
  • Incorporating SEO Strategies into your Organization’s Marketing Strategy.
  • I Can Find and Evaluate the Right Keywords for Your Website.
  • I Can Optimize Your Website with On-Page SEO Best Practices.
  • Accelerating Your Progress with Off-Page SEO.
  • I also Track the Impact of your SEO Strategy.
My work is to provide Professional and Expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services to Businesses and Organizations in Uganda. That’s how I have created my name as the #1 SEO Consultant in Uganda for Local Business Marketing I Have a Unique Approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Founded Mainly in 4 Key Result Areas of Your Website Performance Including:
  1. Keywords for Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. On-site Optimization
  3. Content Design
  4. Getting the Powerful Backlinks
After a comprehensive review of the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities with those four areas, the findings will form a corrective action plan focusing on how to:
  • Rank your website using profitable and relevant keywords on Google, and other search engines like yahoo, and Bing
  • Build the online authority of your website and brand using clear, relevant, and logical content
  • Increase the number of people visiting your website as potential customers


Your website may not be ranking well because of a low domain authority. Domain Authority makes up one of the ranking factors determining where your website winds up on search engine result pages (SERPs).

The domain authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. This relevance has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines, trying to assess domain authority through automated analytic algorithms.

The following are the actions we take to increase your website domain authority:

Technical SEO Auditing

We comb through your existing site and provide you with realistic in-depth analysis of your entire content. We also look at the code structure to get a full report detailing our findings. We can give our recommendations and any opportunities we feel will make an impact on your busines.

Technical Onsite Optimization

We work on your website pages, titles, meta tags, content and overall code structure is optimized for all your target keywords.

Landing Page Creation

We create perfectly optimized pages that are lead generation machines. We draw from our expertise in local SEO and knowledge of specific keyword, to be focused on the topic and optimized for conversions.

Link Building Services

Link building is an activity that is done with high dedication. We have specialized skills in custom link building outreach campaigns that acquire high-profile links to your website. Our outreach efforts are strategized to deliver on KPIs and designed to address your business needs.

SEO Content Marketing

Using our expertise of content design (web editing), we help in creating and distributing valuable, relevant and unique content across the web. This boosts awareness and link building as the work gets cited in other websites some of which have high domain authority.

With expert web editors and content writing officers, it is our work to make sure that we are creating relevant, relatable, and meaningful content both for your website and for your social media channels. Web content is the textual, visual, or aural content that is encountered as part of the user experience on websites. It may include—among other things—text, images, sounds, videos, and animations.

Offsite Optimization

We also ensure that you have a significant amount of inbound links from highly respected external websites to develop domain authority. Inbound links are those links from other sites that point to your site. They are also called as backlinks, simply because they refer back to your site. For a link to be considered a backlink by search engines, it must be clickable.

Just be like me!

A Skilled SEO Consultant Who Has Achieved Google Ranking Especially When People Run Google Search Using the Following Keywords in Uganda.

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Your website ranking could earn you that high paying client your business has been waiting for. All you need is to rank on top of other websites and webpages just like me!

I have taken time to learn, practice, and document best practices in SEO. You too can cash out of your website if you allow me to offer my Digital Marketing Expertise.

Let’s Work Together Today! We Can Create Your Successful SEO Story, Make a Sweet Case Study, Rankings Improvements and Testimonials



Web Design

It all starts with a good website! We trust our creativity & productivity in equal measure results in a cutting-edge site for your business! Our goal is to deliver an impactful, visually stunning web experience. This will elevate the online web presence of your brand. We consistently challenge ourselves to always deliver something fresh on the internet.

Web Development and Maintenance

We are not only fast but also efficient, professional and within budget, our local developers work directly with you to produce the desired results

We can regularly check your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. We offer ongoing support and regular assessments to ensure your website is up-to-date and highly optimized. We want to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings.


Different tools are at our disposal to ensure that you get the most of internet marketing: talk of Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed Insight, Woorank, Yoast, Answer The Public, SEMRush, Keywords Everywhere, Moz, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, etc.

Social Media Service

Some of our clients have their Tweets appearing on Google Search. Oh, how sweet! We can help you can get your tweets to appear like a carousel as a Google search result. Here’s part of what we shall do:

  • Tweet frequently
  • Increase your following so you have a few hundred followers
  • Engage with your audience
  • Use hashtags
  • Engage with other twitter accounts

Digital Marketing Expertise

We are one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies Located in Uganda. Connecting your business to your current and prospective customers online. Let your website act as your online Business Development Manager


Robert is Certified under the Google Digital Skills for Africa, and the Best SEO Consultant in Kampala, Uganda.

Robert is a known SEO Professional who understands Social Media Marketing with Geotech ICT Consulting Located in Uganda.

If your marketing strategy is to get the best from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s time to speak with an Online Marketing Specialist in Uganda.

You can call him on +256700801771 Discuss your Digital Marketing Strategy, and get ideas on how h can help you to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


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