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Welcome to Geotech ICT Consulting - Uganda

Big organizations rely on us to design, implement, operate and manage their networks. We provide technical expertise to resolve ICT issues and scale up resourcing and to assist with complex projects. Our work is by and large to make everyone’s life easier with the following services.

Contact us for the following services;

We make Quotation for our services after technical evaluation of the clients’ equipment and their associated software applications to fully understand the scope of the work. However, we have every reason to expect that our quotation(s) and services are very friendly and equally satisfying.

We are here to deal with a wide range of customers across different business domains. These range from start-ups, to established small and medium-sized businesses.

We provide fast, efficient, and responsive support levels up-to and including 24-7 / 365 services.

We are your number one Information Technology Company in Uganda, and the Best ICT Consultancy Firm in Uganda.

Geotech ICT Consulting – Uganda provides comprehensive advice and consultancy on how to make the best use of your IT infrastructure and budget. This can help you to meet your business objectives. We can conduct an audit of your current set up, and report back to you on ways to streamline your business processes. Ready to improve your current systems and processes? Let’s Talk!