Digital Content Design, and Writing Services in Kampala, Uganda

Our designers help your team create user-focused, accessible website and a consistent user experience.

Depending on the type of website you are building, we shall compose a team of designers with a range of different skills, for example interaction, content, service or graphic designers.

We always compose ourselves into a team including product manager, service owner, delivery manager, user researcher, content designer, designer, and developer.

As a part of our web designing services, we also offer expert content writing services. Our content writing services are targeted to boost up your page rankings and help improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but most of all help the user to easily achieve their search goals.

This is because we use specific keywords in your titles and website content. Our unbeatable persuasive writing skills advance the probability of you getting more with the power of words.

Having good web content is the first step to your success with online marketing. We treat your website as an online “business development manager” and that’s why we give it the best of keywords.

We are the best IT Company with Digital Writing expertise in Uganda and in Africa. Our packages are friendly and affordable.


100 words that make your brand a LEADER.

What’s included?

• Competitor Research
• Focus Keywords: 2
• Words Included: 100
• Revisions: Unlimited
• Delivery time: 3 days


300 words crafted to turn web pages and sales materials into money producers.

What’s included?

• Competitor Research
• Focus Keywords: 4
• Words Included: 300
• Revisions: Unlimited
• Delivery time: 3 days


500 words designed to overcome all objections and get them to hand you money.

What’s included?

• Competitor Research
• Focus Keywords: 6
• Words Included: 500
• Revisions: Unlimited
• Delivery time: 3 days

Content Designer Roles and Responsibilities at Geotech ICT Consulting – Uganda

Our content designers are responsible for the content in your website or service offering. They contribute to the web or service design by:

• developing content plans and strategies based on user needs
• writing clear, usable and accessible content in plain English
• reviewing content to make sure it’s accurate, relevant, accessible and written in line with the style
• communicating the principles of content design to your service team and others across your organization
• advocating for users of your service by challenging requests that don’t support their needs

Our Expertise

• We are able to explain what a content designer does
• We identify the users of the product or service we work on
• We are able to explain what a user need is
• We can write a user story
• Our team can explain what acceptance criteria are
• We can write acceptance criteria
• We have the ability to explain what a user journey map is
• Creating a user journey map
• We can design content that is accessible to all users
• We are able to carry out basic user research
• We structure content in a user-centred way
• Creating prototypes
• Using plain English
• Being able to explain the different stages of the content lifecycle
• Measuring the effectiveness of content
• Using data to improve content
• Being able to explain what A/B testing is
• We can do pair writing

Lastly, our role as content designers, and web editors is to make sure that information is clear and easy to understand. To us content design is about giving people the information they need, at the point they need it, in the right format. That’s why, we always consider your users and their needs whenever we’re designing content.

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