10 Types of IT Services Provided by Geotech ICT Consulting – Uganda

10 Types of IT Services Provided by Geotech ICT Consulting – Uganda

1- Managed IT Service

Geotech ICT Consulting has staff that can constantly visit the clients to service the company’s network on an ongoing basis at a regular rate. This is done to resolve issues before they actually turn into problems.
It is a common practice that IT specialists are the ones depended upon to troubleshoot and resolve issues with computers in an organization.
Geotech ICT Consulting offers this service on a contractual basis, or they may be called in when a problem is suspected to arise.

2- Data Safety Management

Companies have different sets of databases which operate in form of systems that a business uses to monitor and access its data.

These may be customer and employee information systems, sales and finances, Etc.

An IT Consulting Company like Geotech ICT Consulting – Uganda, organizes that data to ensure compliance, security & performance of data-driven Apps.

3- Computer Repair Services

The young and vibrant team at Geotech ICT Consulting is quite familiar with hardware like computers, motherboards and graphics cards.
That’s why the firm also provides repair services for companies or individuals in Kampala, Uganda.
They are also available to travel to other parts of the country to offer this service to clients with up-country locations.

4- Data Storage

All companies have data of different kinds and it takes time to collect and organize it. Losing data through a fire or theft can be a disaster.

That’s why some companies offer safe places for data storage in form of backups.
Geotech ICT Consulting provides a platform or service for companies and individuals to store their data. The company provides both a cloud platform and on-premises storage option for system backups.

5- ICT Training Services

Computers have become a very important part of both work life and life outside the workplace like shopping, transport, paying bills and browsing the internet.

Technologically proficient employees tend to work faster with fewer mistakes. At Geotech ICT Consulting, there are quite a number of IT Training Modules in Key areas including:

  • Training on Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI
  • Microsoft Excel Training
  • Digital Marketing Training Courses in Kampala, Uganda – Africa
  • Coding & Programming Course in Kampala, Uganda
  • Microsoft Word Fundamentals
  • Advanced Skills in Microsoft Word (Word Processing)
  • Advanced Spreadsheets
  • Outlook Fundamentals
  • Advanced Skills in Outlook
  • PowerPoint Fundamentals
  • Advanced Skills in PowerPoint
  • Course Final Exam

6- Website Design & Maintenance Services

The promise here is to provide customers in Kampala, and the rest of the world with high-quality web design and maintenance services.

The most important thing is to know that your website works as the online business development manager and PR platform for your clients.

The firm also offers additional benefits like social media integration with Links to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn profiles to increase your Social Media Presence.

7- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is very advantageous to appear on the first page on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engines.

Geotech ICT Consulting gives you certified digital marketing gurus to develop and implement a digital strategy that will give you the best results in organic search.

Every company wants to appear on the first page when a potential customer runs a search on Google.

8- Maintaining an IT Customer Service Desk

This is intended to ensure that the clients call and explain the challenge they are facing with technology (hardware or software) and they are advised on how to address them.

9- Corporate Event Photography and Drone Services

Sometimes you may want to work with the Best Photographers, Iconic, and Famous Photographers in Kampala, Uganda.
These are experienced in Motion and Still Picture Production Activities in Uganda.
Get the best of wedding photography in Kampala with breathtaking and memorable still photos for your conferences, corporate events, Workshops, Training, Meetings, Staff Parties, Wedding, Exhibitions, Web Photography and National Celebrations in Uganda.

10- Setting Up of New Systems

You may want to set up systems like time and attendance, surveillance cameras, CRM databases, new software and any other systems like Network Setup, Network Security (Cybersecurity), and HR Management Information Systems.

When new IT systems are brought into the organization, it’s IT companies that are called in to set them up.

The IT specialists may even give short training sessions on the use of the systems to employees. That’s what we do at Geotech ICT consulting – Uganda

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