Each year we host internships at Geotech ICT Consulting. Our internship programme and industrial placement scheme gives students the opportunity to gain experience in a wide variety of functions in ICT and a range of sectors, including sales, marketing, graphic design, and management.

Our interns and placement year participants get the chance to apply their skills in a cutting-edge environment, surrounded by expert ICT Practitioners.

Throughout the internship period at Geotech ICT Consulting, you will develop a variety of soft skills, including communication and interpersonal skills, personal development planning, and habits of excellence, presentation skills, creative problem solving.

Objectives of Internship Offered at Geotech ICT Consulting – Uganda

• Enable students acquire skills and workplace ethics
• Prepare and orient student interns towards developing the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become effective employees in the workplace
• Enable student interns gain responsibility and develop abilities on critical thinking and problem solving as well as identify their strength and weaknesses
• Expose student interns to formal and informal relationships at Geotech ICT Consulting which underlie the development of favorable human relations and teamwork
• Enable student interns learn the nature and operations of organizations and professional business conduct

We Run the Following Internship Programmes:

• Software Engineering
• Coding and Programming
• Data Analytics
• Graphics Design Internship (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator)
• Sales and Marketing
• Business Management, and Leadership
• Human Resource Management
• Quality control, safety, environment
• Accounting and bookkeeping

Length of Internship programmes

Internships can last a between one month and three months depending on the sector and university. Student internships may be shorter in length than graduate ones.

Necessary Requirements

The majority of our internships are usually undertaken by university students and recent graduates.

This is intended to learn office practice, application of practical skills and workplace relationships, before committing to a particular job or career.

Employers therefore do not expect previous experience of the working world but they will ask what experience and skills you’ve gained through your degree.

As with many graduate jobs, the subject you’ve studied is not the most important thing but rather the skills you can demonstrate.

When you think of an intern the image of a university or college student usually comes to mind, but while some opportunities may come with an age limit, often 18 to 25 years old, not all work experience will be so restrictive.

If you’re a mature student or a career changer it’s best to do your research and check with the internship provider to find out whether any age restrictions apply.

Applying for An Internship at Geotech ICT Consulting – Uganda

The application process for our internships in Uganda can be as competitive as applying for a permanent job. Students are encouraged to apply at least three months in advance, although we may adjust deadlines so make sure you do your research.
• Applications with the University’s recommendation attached are addressed to the CEO are send via info@geotechug.com • The application must have a copy of an introductory from the training institution or university. • Not everyone who applies gets an opportunity. Due to space and other resource constraints the company takes a maximum of 10 candidates for the period and those taken on must be destined to qualify in areas where Geotech ICT Consulting can offer real practical experience. • Student interns’ training period does not exceed three months at a time and may be less in accordance with application requirement from the interns’ institution / university.

Doing an Internship at Geotech ICT Consulting Will Help You to Enjoy the Following Benefits:

• ease the transition from study to the workplace • increase your skills and knowledge in an area of your career interest • improve your understanding of a particular job or industry • gain an insight into the way organizations function and the challenges they face • provide you with networking opportunities for job opportunities • gain real work experience to use in future as you express yourself at a job interview • Get support on CV writing to gain competitive advantage over your peers

The Cost

Internship placement at Geotech ICT Consulting Costs Ugsh 500,000

Includes: Internship Placement Training Package, and Teas

Get Practical based training for student trainees in order to fulfill your requirement of educational program as required by your school or institution’s curricular. Throughout our internship you will develop quite a number of soft skills, including communication skills, personal effectiveness, presentation skills, and creative problem solving.
Gain real-world skills. Get valuable insights into the best business practices and learn new skills that will help you stand out in today’s competitive job market.
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